I Know Andaman Islands- an e-learning Program

I Know Andaman Islands- an e-learning Program

How it works?

Welcome to "I Know Andaman Islands- an e-learning initiative by AndamanExperts created specially for Travel Agents of India, Nepal and Bangladesh. This is fun and easy to understand learning experience through attending webinars organized by AndamanExperts, If you have missed it, you can follow it on youtube link and website- AndamanExperts.com as quick reference guide. Andaman Islands gives you once-in-a-lifetime experiences that can not be replicated anywhere and are guaranteed to have all travelers saying "wow". 

So, It's time time to enhance your professional knowledge about this beautiful destination and become certified specialist.  

Study/Reference Material: 

Presentation link for- South Andaman 

Presentation link Middle & North Andaman

Presentation link Little Andaman

 Website Link

 Are you ready to test your destination knowledge? 

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Date : 26 May 2020